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4th of July: Drinking & Driving

Many people in the USA celebrate July 4th, Independence Day, by having family gatherings and enjoying alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately after having a good time with family and friends, people still choose to drink and drive. Drinking and driving can lead to a DUI arrest, fines and legal costs, and fatal traffic accidents. According to AutoInsurance.org, Independence Day is the deadliest holiday when it comes to motor vehicle accidents.

A three year study conducted from 2018 to 2020 shows that on average 1,349 total car crashes occur on the July 4th holiday and sadly 449 of these crashes are fatal. Roadways during July 4th are more dangerous especially at night and the most dangerous times are from 6 pm to 6 am. There have been 948 fatal car crashes in 2021, so with July 4th approaching, that number will surely be on the rise.

Do you know what to do to preserve your rights if you have been in a car accident?

First of all, you should never drive if you have become intoxicated. Get a ride from a designated driver who is sober, order a ride by using a ridesharing app, or even stay at a friends’ place.

If you are injured by another party in a car accident, you should immediately get medical treatment, report the accident to your car insurance company and obtain legal representation.

If you are injured in a car accident or a work accident call the Romaker Law Firm at 312-377-7000 and we will help you in all aspects of your claim.

Happy 4th of July and drive safe!!!