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Our lawyers are known to be aggressive and tenacious and will always push to get workers’ compensation that you are satisfied with, especially after you have suffered from your work injury.

The truth is, when you suffer from an injury at work, the Chicago workers’ compensation program is supposed to help you get back on your feet and back to work. However, it doesn’t always work that way, and workers in Chicago can be left struggling without the benefits and workers’ compensation they need and deserve.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you need tenacious Chicago Workers’ Compensation Lawyers and that’s why residents of Chicago, Illinois turn to The Romaker Law Firm to stand up for their rights after a work related injury. The attorneys at The Romaker Law Firm will stand up for you to ensure that you receive the workers’ compensation that you deserve.

Get the Workers' Compensation You Deserve

As experienced workers’ compensation lawyers, we understand that the people of Chicago work hard. Chicago employees work long hours and overtime to do their jobs and do them well. In exchange, Chicago residents want to be paid fairly and treated with respect. They also want and deserve a safe place to work. Even if your employer does keep things safe, you can still suffer a work related injury. Whether you work on a warehouse floor, in an office, in a kitchen, behind the wheel, or behind a counter injuries are still possible. While dealing with an injury can be difficult, our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you obtain the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

You Work Hard For Your Family. We’ll Work Just As Hard For Your Workers Compensation

For over 20 years, the workers’ compensation lawyers at The Romaker Law Firm in Chicago, have been tireless advocates and allies for hard-working Chicago natives, like you, who get injured at work.

With how costly it is living in Illinois, our law firm understands how frustrating and frightening it can be when you can’t bring home a paycheck while bills keep piling up, all at the same time you are trying to recover from your work injuries. Our lawyers know how badly you want to get back to work to support your family. That is why our attorneys at our law firm work just as hard as you do to make sure that you and your loved ones get all the help and workers’ compensation they deserve.

Countless of people in Chicago, likely including some of your neighbors, have turned to The Romaker Law Firm for help in times of needing an aggressive attorney that will fight for your workers compensation. We are a pillar of the city’s Hispanic community and a respected fixture of Chicago’s legal community.

In Spanish or English, our compensation attorneys treat every client with dignity, respect, and compassion. When Chicago employers try to take advantage of our clients by wrongfully challenging their right to workers’ compensation benefits, our lawyers go after those benefits with commitment, tenacity, and with our lawyers having over 90 years of combined experience.

Every workers’ compensation case is important. Every client matters. Every dollar in benefits from workers comp we put in your pocket can help make things better.

What Is Workers’ Compensation and How Does It Work?

If you want to obtain compensation after you get hurt in a car accident, by a doctors’ mistake, or any other way that is someone else’s fault, you usually need to file a personal injury lawsuit. But these lawsuits can take a long time and you need to prove to a judge or jury that the other person was negligent and responsible for your injuries. That can be difficult, and if you lose, you get nothing.

Workplace related injuries are treated differently, however. As is the case in every other state, workers’ compensation in Illinois is a deal between most employers and their employees designed to get money into injured workers’ pockets as quickly as possible without the need for lawsuits or for proving fault.

In Illinois, in exchange for workers’ compensation benefits, injured workers usually can’t sue their employer for damages related to their on-the-job injury. For employers, the upside for them is that they are largely shielded from costly personal injury lawsuits and large jury verdicts by employees who get hurt on the job.

Because the majority of Chicago based employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance or self-insure against workplace injuries, most Chicago workers are protected against the prospect of losing their livelihood because of a job-related accident.

Why Do I Need a Chicago Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

After a Chicago workplace accident, an injured worker should report the incident to their Chicago employer who is obligated to provide you with the information you need to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Chicago law also prohibits employers from firing or retaliating against employees for seeking those benefits. Sometimes, however, employers and their workers’ compensation insurance companies don’t follow the law or live up to their end of the bargain. This is where you may need lawyers to step in to assist you as much as possible.

While you don’t need to prove fault to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, you do need to show that you are injured and fully or partially disabled and you need to show that the injury was work-related.

Like all insurance companies, workers’ compensation insurers want to pay as little as possible on claims and may challenge your right to get any benefits at all or assert that your injuries don’t warrant the amount of benefits you seek. They might argue that you did not get injured while on the job, that your injuries were preexisting, that they aren’t as serious or debilitating as you claim, or that you did or failed to do something that bars your right to benefits.

Getting You The Resources You Need to Recover

Getting You The Resources You Need to Recover from your Work Injury
If your employer and its insurer are wrongfully denying or interfering with your right to your workers’ compensation benefits, you need experienced and committed lawyers who understands the complexity of the Illinois workers’ compensation law and will work relentlessly to get you the benefits you’ve more than earned.

At The Romaker Law Firm, our lawyers passionately for the rights of injured workers throughout Chicago, from Waukegan to Joliet. The lawyers at Romaker help workers and their families obtain benefits to cover:

  • lost wages
  • medical bills
  • damages for permanent injuries (either total or partial)
  • vocational rehabilitation assistance; and/or
  • death benefits for the families of workers killed on the job.
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Ask any of our clients based within Chicago and they will tell you that the lawyers of The Romaker Law Firm treated them like they were family. That is the way we treat everyone we have the privilege to represent. That is the way we will treat you when hire us to help you with your Chicago workers’ compensation claim.

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Workers’ Compensation
Verdict: $500,000.00

The client was making a delivery with a 2 wheeler and was going downstairs in the building. When he got to the basement, the floor of the restaurant was an uneven concrete and had a lot of holes. Someone put a piece of wood to “fix it” when he was going over the piece of wood with his 2 wheeler, it got stuck and pushed him. His weight shifted to his left leg, and because there was a hole under the wood he fell. As a result, the client sustained injuries to his left knee.

Client V.V.
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