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5 steps you should take after being injured at work

  1. Report immediately your injury to your supervisor

You should report your injury to your supervisor immediately. Many people who are injured at work fear the consequences and prefer to wait and see if the injury goes by itself. This is a big mistake.

  1. Be honest

There are many steps and stages in an Illinois workers’ compensation case. You will most likely end up telling your story several times. It’s important that you keep honesty and consistency in how and where you got hurt; otherwise your case may be affected.

  1. Trust but verify

Make sure that your supervisor submitted the proper paperwork by requesting copies of all documentation associated with your work injury. Maintaining a paper trail of documents will ensure that you have back up in case any aspect of your claim comes into question.

  1. See a doctor and follow the treatment

Do not ignore your injury or delay going to a physician. It is important to keep all doctors’ appointments and follow your doctors’ recommendations for medical treatment. In Illinois, 100% of your medical expenses are covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

  1. Hire an attorney right away.

Attorneys who handle workers’ compensation are familiar with the complex issues that may arise throughout the course of a claim. At The Romaker Law Firm we have an extended experience in workers’ compensation cases. Our attorneys can help you navigate the system so your case runs smoothly from start to finish. Without legal advice, you may unknowingly do or say things that could put your claim in jeopardy.