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5 Mistakes that can hurt settlement value

  1. The adjuster is not your friend

They are trained to be nice people who sound like they want to help. They are nice so you don’t think to protect yourself by calling an attorney who will maximize the value of your case at the expense of the insurance company.  The adjuster is an employee of the insurance company whose job it is to keep the cost of your injury as low as possible by being nice and then offering a low amount in settlement for your injuries.  Never trust anyone who is working for an insurance company.

  1. Don’t fall for the excuse, “ The other driver said they didn’t cause the crash”

Of course this is what the adjustor will tell you, they aren’t being honest, they just want to weaken your confidence that you should get maximum recovery for your injuries.  Further, they want to make you think that it wouldn’t be worth hiring an attorney.

Wrong! Always remember the adjuster’s goal in telling you anything isn’t to say the truth. Their goal is to reduce the cost of your injuries to the insurance company.

  1. Agreeing to give a “recorded statement” or sign a medical authorization

The insurance company is smart and they will be looking for an early statement. They want to use that opportunity to trap you into a set of facts that help them limit the damages and lower their obligation to pay you in the future. Don’t do it!

Usually, the insurance company will call you and request a recorded statement. You can politely say, “I don’t feel comfortable giving a statement without any representation at the moment. I will have my lawyer calling you”. In the event that you decide to give a statement remember: “less is more.” Only answer what you are asked (no more, no less), and if you aren’t sure or simply don’t remember never guess, just say “I don’t remember.”

  1. Never sign a claims Release or Medical Release!!!!

If you sign a Release of claim for any reason, it will be a game over.  Your Case Is Over.  Never sign any releases or authorization without an attorney’s advice.  When you sign, you giving the right to the insurance company to look for private information like your entire medical history which could be used against you and your case.

  1. Don’t settle your case without a lawyer

It has been proven that settling your case with a lawyer could increase between 100% and 300%. You have questions, and we have the answers. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury call us now (312) 377-7000 without obligation.