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The Romaker Law Firm represents individuals who have suffered work-related injuries and motor vehicle accidents which were caused by the negligence of third parties. We offer personalized representation and direct treatment between our lawyers and our clients. Our offices are located in downtown Chicago, offering our services throughout the State of Illinois.
Our lawyers focus on severe workers' compensation and catastrophic personal injuries. In this way our lawyers concentrate their efforts in obtaining the greatest possible recovery for our clients.
Call us without obligation and at no cost to you. Contact us by calling at (312) 377-7000 or by filling out the form on this page.

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Company founded
Manchik & Romaker Partnership
The Company Starts to Grow
Leaders in Law
Present Time
Charles P. Romaker founded The Romaker Law Firm. At first, the firm had only Charles as its attorney, one secretary, and was located in a small office in downtown Chicago.
The partnership lasted for about ten years. Throughout this time, the firm exclusively represented plaintiffs from all walks of life in worker’s compensation and personal injury matters.
Romaker Law firm now has 2 attorneys and 4 assistants.
Charles Romaker became president of the Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois.
Romaker Law Firm is now located in the heart of Chicago with 4 attorneys and 7 assistants.


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J. Sicora

J. Sicora

“I heard about the Romaker Law Firm through Craig Machik & Associates. Once they
took over my case I feel they did a good job communicating to me what was going on and
helped me get my money so I could pay my bills. I would definitely recommend the
Romaker Law Firm.”


G. Scola

G. Scola

“My experience was fantastic. Charles was very professional and very personable with me. He
looked at me as an individual and not just as a case. I came from another attorney and Charles
was able to get me nearly four times the amount that my former attorney negotiated for me. The
communication between the office staff and me was more than I had ever expected. The entire
process was seamless. I was extremely pleased. I would absolutely recommend Charles to my
friends and family members in a heartbeat.”


Featured Cases

Press Release – $2 Million Dollar Verdict
Press Release – $2 Million Dollar Verdict

The Romaker Law Firm Obtains $2 Million Dollar Verdict For The Loss Of An Eye   The Romaker Law Firm announces that on Monday April 11, 2016 a Cook County jury returned a verdict in the amount of $2 million dollars in favor of plaintiff, Orlando Valdez, and against both defendants in the case entitled “Orlando Valdez v. Rojas 2459…

Latest News

Health and Safety Laws in the workplace
Health and Safety Laws in the workplace

What To Do If Your Employer Is Violating Health and Safety Laws If you see hazards, risks, threats or an accident waiting to happen because your workplace is not up to safety and health codes, there are steps you must take to correct this dilemma. First, write in detail what the hazard or health violation is, including location and time.…

New Illinois Bike Law 2018
New Illinois Bike Law 2018

New Illinois Bike Law effective 2018 The Governor Bruce Rauner passed, last August, one of the most comprehensive laws in the country specifying when a driver may legally pass a bicyclist in a designated no-passing zone. The new Bike Law (known as HB 1784) will be effective January 1st 2018. The law adds clarity of Section 11-703 of the actual…

Product Liability
Product Liability

Product Liability refers to a defective or dangerous product commercialized by a manufacturer or seller being held liable for the injuries the product may cause. Responsibility for a product defect that causes injury lies with all sellers of the product who are in the distribution chain. The law requires that a product has to meet the ordinary expectations of the…

Personal Injury and Premises Liability: We are here to help
Personal Injury and Premises Liability: We are here to help

Fall and winter season are beginning to bear down on Chicago and potential hazards are already around when we go outside. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, the risk is there. Of course, ice and snow around businesses and other types of property can provide increased danger to those who visit, live or work there. However, there are year-round…

Effective Evidence
Effective Evidence

How to Take Effective Evidence Photos For a Car Accident Claim If you’ve been the victim of a car accident, photographs can be very effective as evidence to strengthen your personal injury claim. Photos are a fairly simple way to document and preserve the car accident scene. Luckily, these days most people have smartphones that can double as a digital…

Mesothelioma and Workers Compensation
Mesothelioma and Workers Compensation

Mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive form of cancer that develops in the lining of the lungs, abdomen, or heart. Caused by asbestos, mesothelioma has no known cure and has a very poor prognosis. There are more than $30 billion set aside for victims of Mesothelioma as a result of inhaling or having contact with asbestos at work.  There’s a time limitation…

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