Why Choose Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm to Represent You?

“No Two Snowflakes Are Exactly Alike.”

We have all heard that no two snowflakes are alike. Each snowflake takes the perfect form for the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for its journey. And while the universal force of gravity gives them a shared destination, the expansive space in the air gives each snowflake the opportunity to take their own path. They are on the same journey, but each reach a different outcome.

There are many personal injury law firms in the Chicago area you can choose from after you or a loved one are injured. However, just like the quote, “no two snowflakes are alike,” neither are personal injury law firms. If you are injured due to the negligence of someone else, let one of the top personal injury lawyers from Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm be the champion for your case!

Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm is dedicated to representing you in all aspects of recovery, taking the time and effort to help you regain control of your finances and personal life after an accident. This blog post will detail the many reasons why you should choose Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm over other competing law firms in Illinois.

Personal Injury Lawyers With Years Of Experience

Experience in handling personal injury claims is vital in getting the compensation an accident victim deserves. Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm was founded in 1996 by Charles P. Romaker. From office workers to high-rise window cleaners, since the beginning, our law firm has exclusively represented plaintiffs in all worker’s compensation and personal injury matters. To this day, we continue to dedicate ourselves to pursuing and fighting for the justice of  injured people.

Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm has a very successful track record as well. Indeed, over the last 20 years, our warrior personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for thousands of clients.

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We Are Not Afraid To Fight For The Results You Need

Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm is not afraid to fight for you. Our firm will litigate as aggressively as needed to secure the compensation you are entitled. Our firm practices with a very high adherence to professional standards of conduct, ethics, and diligence as well. You can trust you are in good hands with Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm.

Winning money for our clients, however, is not the only way we measure success. Our firm’s warrior personal injury lawyers have also had success reinstating employees and securing payment of expensive medical treatment, including rehabilitation and necessary surgery. In other words, whether we seek monetary relief for our clients or any other remedy, we fight vigorously, through mediation, arbitration, and litigation, to achieve the best possible outcome. We are not just paper pushers and we will take your case to trial if needed. Our results are backed up by our highly-rated practice and reputation.


We Are Different From Other Law Firms

Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm exists with one mission in mind: the exclusive, skilled, and zealous representation of individuals – not corporations or insurance companies – in all matters of workers’ compensation and personal injury. There are no conflicts or compromises here. We are proud to say that our warrior personal injury lawyers dedicate themselves fully to the practice of representing plaintiffs and petitioners. We competently take cases from intake to judgment, all the while advocating for our clients’ rights. As a result, Chicago Injury Legal at the Romaker Law Firm is respected by clients and opponents alike.

Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm holds a unique position in the current legal market. Undoubtedly, no other law firm in Chicago exclusively represents as many English and Spanish-speaking individuals in worker’s compensation, personal injury, and employment matters as our law firm does.


Our Firm Handles Personal Injury Cases Exclusively

Personal injury law is intricate and involves many specialized rules and practices. That is why our warrior personal injury lawyers are dedicated and specialize only in personal injury law. If you are represented by a lawyer who is not specialized in the law of your case, you risk the quality of your representation.

Since  Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm focuses exclusively on plaintiff’s personal injury law, we are geared towards assisting individuals in your exact situation. That in conjunction with having in the past worked and negotiated for the insurance industry, gives our warrior personal injury lawyers a unique and valuable insider’s perspective. This perspective allows our warrior personal injury lawyers to properly evaluate a claim for maximum compensation.



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We Care About Our Clients

At Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm, we instinctively combine our passion for people with our legal expertise to develop deep relationships and trust with our clients based on care, compassion, and respect. Our firm is small enough to provide each client direct contact with his or her warrior personal injury lawyer, but large enough to offer the legal muscle necessary to get celebrated results. Our warrior personal injury lawyers will treat your case as if it were their own, giving you personal attention and battling diligently until victory is obtained.

Free Initial Consultation, With No Further Obligation

Your first consultation with Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm is FREE. To discuss your case or possible claim with one of our warrior personal injury lawyers call (312) 377-7000 today. The initial consultation can be done by phone or in person, either in English or Spanish.

We Take The Pressure Off You

Once you put your case in that hands of Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm, the entire case, every aspect of it will be taken care of by us. This means we will help you get any medical and earning benefits you may be entitled to as a result of your injury. It also means we will take care of insurance paperwork and related issues so you do not have to deal with the insurance company directly or handle the occasionally complex issues of coverage. Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm won’t be pressured by the insurance companies and you won’t have to deal with them on your own.

No Payment, Unless We Win Your Case

Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm charges absolutely nothing up front to pursue your claim. If we do not recover money for you, then you do not pay us a legal fee. If we are successful, we simply receive a percentage of the recovery.

Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm will take care of covering all costs of preparing and prosecuting your case. Incidentally, your warrior personal injury lawyer does not get paid unless you do. This gives them more incentive to work harder and achieve a favorable outcome for your case.

We Will Find a Way For You To Make it to Our Office

We realize travel may be difficult or impossible if you are injured. As a result, we offer our clients help with transportation to and from our downtown Chicago office. Let your warrior personal injury lawyer know if you are unable to reach our office and we will find a quick and convenient way for you to make it to us.

Who Are You Going To Call? Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm!

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If you have experienced the trauma of a personal injury accident firsthand, you are no stranger to how difficult this period of your life can be. You probably have a million questions and concerns passing through your mind, and each of those questions deserves an informed answer and solution. Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm‘s sole purpose is to help you during this time of need. From recovering compensation to finding doctors, from aggressive litigation to support, Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm is here to fight your personal injury battle.

If you or a loved one are injured, do not hesitate in contacting Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm today! Let one of our warrior personal injury lawyers be the champion your case needs. (312) 377-7000



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