Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer


If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may be wondering if it is worth it to hire a personal injury lawyer or if you can pursue compensation on your own. When your involved in an accident you are not only physically injured but you also have to worry about how to even begin the process of taking care of yourself and handling all of the inconveniences and financial worries that can come with an accident. Accidents happen, probably more than we’d like them to. And when they do, having someone with you through the countless amounts of questions, legal issues, and paperwork can make all the difference in the world.

A personal injury lawyer, who is not only educated but experienced, can help you work through the aftermath of your accident. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer to be on your side when dealing with an accident case.

Knowledge and Experience

At Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers are experienced to handle cases, or claims, right from the beginning. They can help you evaluating and decide whether or not your case is likely to win, ensuring that your time and expenses aren’t wasted. Having handled numerous personal injury cases in the past, an experienced personal injury lawyer is familiar with the laws that apply to your case and knows how to prepare a strong case seeking full and fair compensation for your losses. Without experience, a person attempting to handle their case themselves could end up inadvertently doing or saying something that could cost them the favorable outcome they are seeking. Furthermore, looking up the laws for your specific injury on your own is helpful in understanding your case but, only a personal injury expert will be able to translate these laws into applicable parameters to present for your accident case.

Avoid the Hassle

One of the most important reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer is to allow you to focus on getting better and recovering. Let someone else worry about dealing with all of the other things, the medical records and bills, the insurance companies, and talking with the doctors, and the financials. When you get in any kind of accident, you may feel like you have no idea where to start or what should be done. You have paperwork and bills stacking up, you have your own insurance company to deal with, the at-fault liability carriers bodily injury policy, and maybe also property damage concerns. All of these parties will be sending you letters, asking you questions that you may not know how to answer and probably should not answer without consulting with a personal injury lawyer first. All of this can be extremely confusing and stressful and can take valuable energy away from the work of getting healthy.

An effective way to relieve this pressure is to hire an expert. An experienced, qualified personal injury lawyer who handles this kind of paperwork every day. Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm has a system for dealing with the personal injury process that is streamlined and effective. We will handle your personal injury case properly so you can focus on getting better.

Level The Playing Field With The Insurance Company

Did you know that injured victims represented by a personal injury lawyer receive, on average 3.5 times more in a settlement than unrepresented victims? The truth is that your insurance company as well as the other guys’ insurance company, has teams of attorneys working on their side to minimize the effects of the accident and the impact your claim has on their pocketbooks. They know they have the knowledge and bargaining power necessary to protect themselves from paying anything but the lowest settlement possible, and they count on people not representing themselves with an experienced personal injury lawyer in order to easily prevail.

You need to level the playing field by having an advocate on your side that is experienced and understands the law to ensure that your rights are maintained and the effects of the accident, on you and your lifestyle, are considered. You need someone to make sure that the insurance company deals with you in a fair and timely manner.

They Can be Fee-Free

Personal injury lawyers understand that your case may or may not win, which is why many work on a contingent fee arrangement. This means that you won’t pay your lawyer’s fees if your case does not win. Your responsibility will lie only with the expenses that aren’t directly related to your lawyer’s services. This could include doctor or interview fees, depending on your specific accident case. Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm also offers free initial consultations where our warrior lawyers will answer any questions you may have and walk you through the personal injury case process.

Fair, Maximized Compensation

Like stated earlier, statistically, a personal injury lawyer is going to get you more money for your case than you will be awarded should you handle your claim on your own. Obviously, the smaller the case, the less a personal injury lawyer will be able to help with. But the bigger the case, the more a personal injury lawyer will be able to use their legal muscle and knowledge to help you get the highest compensation possible.

In order to legally get compensated fairly, you have to be able to explain, show, and prove through written documentation, why your case is worth what it is worth, both with special damages and general damages. When you don’t understand all of the various things that entitle you to compensation under the law, there is just no way for you to get compensated fairly. The financial loss in an injury or accident case can be devastating if the proper steps are not taken to protect you and your ability to recover. You and your personal injury lawyer have the same goal: getting the justice and compensation you deserve. If it comes down to a trial, a personal injury lawyer can represent you in court and fiercely work toward achieving a positive jury verdict.

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If you’re thinking about hiring a personal injury lawyer, don’t hesitate just because you’re not intimately familiar with the legal process. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complicated sea of filing claims, negotiating settlements, and working through trials. Personal injury lawyers can help you get what you deserve while saving you time, money, and headaches.

Don’t let your accident go unnoticed; get the representation and compensation you deserve from a personal injury lawyer at Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm. With over 25 years of experience and a bilingual staff, Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm is dedicated to providing you with the aggressive legal representation you need. Contact Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm at 312-377-7000 to set up a free initial consultation today!

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