Is Your Lawyer a Warrior?

Warrior Lawyer-Part One: What Makes a Lawyer a Warrior?

You get hurt on the job, report it to your company and insurance, seek medical attention and complete all other appropriate steps to file an injury claim. Still, your employer and the company’s worker’s compensation insurance are making things increasingly difficult for you. You did not want to get a lawyer, but now you have no choice and on top of everything you have never had to look for an injury lawyer. Honestly, you have no clue where to start. but what you do know is that you need a great injury lawyer if you are ever going to receive any benefits from the worker’s compensation adjuster.

Promptly, you begin looking for an injury lawyer that can exceed all your needs during this challenging time. You wonder what to look for in an injury lawyer and what questions you need to ask to make sure you find a “Warrior Lawyer.” This blog series will help you identify what makes a lawyer a warrior and help you weed out lawyers that just talk a good game.

So, what exactly is a Warrior Lawyer?

A Warrior Lawyer is an aggressive, five-star lawyer that goes above and beyond for their clients. Warrior lawyers fight till the end for the justice their clients deserve. Warrior lawyers are experienced, so when looking for someone to represent you, always ask a potential lawyer how many cases he/she has tried in the last year and what were his/her results. You may realize the great lawyer you just entrusted with your future talks more than he acts.

Warrior Lawyers form relationships with their clients and personalize each and every one of their cases. They perform in-depth intake consultations to attain their goal of understanding each clients’ case and all the facts involved. They also address their clients’ problems directly, which adds to the determination they hold to win the case.

Warrior Lawyers work with their clients every step of the way, listening to them, returning their calls, looking into every aspect of their case and what they can expect when they go to court. They make sure their clients truly understand the claim process.

Credibility is the foundation of truth, so when a Warrior Lawyer makes a promise, a Warrior Lawyer keeps a promise. Warrior Lawyers fight relentlessly with respect, intelligence and grace. They work aggressively using the art of persuasion.

 You should ask these questions to your potential lawyer!

Question: How long has the attorney been practicing in worker’s compensation or personal injury law?

Question: How many cases has the lawyer tried in the last year? Can the lawyer provide Arbitrator’s decisions from the cases they have won recently?

Question: How long will my case take to resolve after I finish my medical treatment?

Question: Will I be able to talk to you frequently during the process of my case?

If the prospective lawyer will not answer these questions, then look for a Warrior lawyer.

Charles Romaker has proven his credibility and Warrior Lawyer status in his last twenty-four years as an Injury lawyer. Charles Romaker and his firm, The Romaker Law Firm, define what it means to be a Warrior Lawyer.  The Romaker Law Firm has a successful track record of winning cases and happy clients. In one example, a client had been waiting for his case to be heard for over a year with a different lawyer; Charles Romaker got his case to court for trial within three months.

The Warrior Lawyers at The Romaker Law Firm have also recovered millions of dollars for thousands of clients, reinstated many employees back to work and secured payments of expensive medical treatments. Warrior Lawyers prove themselves through diligence, availability, personalized communication with clients and above all determination. Warrior Lawyers do not give up until justice has been served.

Chicago Injury Legal at The Romaker Law Firm undertakes serious work injury and motor vehicle accident cases. Please call us at 312-377-7000 for a free consultation regarding your injury case.


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